Pike Market Child Care & Preschool’s overall goal is to make high quality preschool available to all children, providing families with support and encouragement. Children in our program receive healthy meals, excellent care and build the social and learning skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Families in our program have the opportunity to work, job search or go to school confident with the knowledge that their children are safe and nurtured. PMCCP believes that development prospers in a program that supports children’s choices and play.

  • Pike Market Child Care & Preschool has been serving families of all income levels (particularly low- and moderate-income families) since October of 1982
  • Research indicates again and again that high quality affordable child care is essential for children and families to succeed—children have better, cognitive, emotional and social skills
  • Families pay on a sliding fee scale based on family size and income
  • The center provides care for families with children ages 18 months-5 years, serving 100 families per year
  • Typically, over 75% of the families receive financial assistance, with over half of PMCCP families earning less than 50% of the State Median Income
  • PMCCP raises over $250,000 each year to support low and moderate income families in the program

Pike Market Child Care & Preschool is a dream come true for the Pike Place Market community. After five years of planning, our doors opened October 1, 1982, as the third of a series of support systems for the Market Community, preceded by the Pike Market Health Clinic and the Senior Center. The Downtown Food Bank, and the Resident Advocate Program have since joined these services. Thanks in large part to the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), our original sponsor, plus funding from a unique partnership of public and private sources, it was possible to renovate and equip an existing space, build an outdoor play area and begin operation. In 1990, the preschool expanded, adding 3,200 square feet.  In 2012, a $1.5 million renovation and expansion project allowed the school to be completely rebuilt in a space specifically designed for young children.

Pike Market Child Care & Preschool is a private, secular, non-profit, community service corporation licensed to provide child care. We are monitored by and work closely with the City of Seattle Comprehensive Child Care Program and the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services. Further, our work with the National Association for the Education of Young Children provides extensive review of our program in meeting their standards for excellence in early education. We are governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of community members, Preschool families, and child care professionals who share our vision of enriching the lives of children, families and our community.

Founded on the idea that all children deserve access to high quality care, PMCCP typically provides tuition assistance to over 75% of enrolled families. We are one of only a few high quality Seattle early learning institutions that accept children of families participating in subsidy programs. Our tuition assistance program makes this possible. For families that are ineligible for the available subsidies, we provide a sliding fee scale, basing each family’s tuition on their income and family size. Each year, we raise 40-50% of our budget to maintain our sliding fee scale and tuition assistance program. To provide this service we rely heavily upon the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations.

The Pike Market merchants and employees, craftspeople, operational staff and residents have been vital to our success. Families, board members and friends give us gifts of time, funding and inspiration. The Market Foundation and the Pike Place Market PDA provide both financial support and technical assistance as part of their commitment to serving people with low-incomes who reside in downtown Seattle. These people join with our staff to create a community that truly cares about children and families in the heart of our downtown core.



PMCCP believes that young children learn through playing. During play, children interact with their peers, adults, and their environment. Children learn about the world, other people, and themselves while playing. Open-ended play provides opportunities to build knowledge of the world through meaningful and relevant experiences.Through play, our curriculum supports children in developing a foundation of concepts and necessary skills that encourage confidence, assertiveness, and the ability to think independently. Some key areas addressed are:

· Developing high self-esteem
· An ability to recognize and express feelings
· Strong communication skills
· Non-violent conflict resolution and problem solving
· Appreciation for the diversity of our community
· Critical thinking skills about bias and prejudice


Our program is committed to providing children with the skills necessary to thrive in a diverse society. We welcome and value what each child brings to our program and work to reflect each family in our environment and day-to-day activities.

PMCCP recognizes the family as the primary educator in the growth and development of children. Research shows that children thrive in atmospheres that celebrate and validate their home culture and experience. Therefore, building positive and productive relationships with each family is critical to children’s development.

We invite families to share their ideas, talents, stories, and cultures. Communication and mutual respect between families and staff form the basis of healthy, strong relationships that best support children and their growth.


Because bias and prejudice harm all children, an anti-bias philosophy is integrated throughout daily classroom life. It guides all aspects of our practice with the following goals in mind:

· Each child will demonstrate self-awareness, confidence, family pride, and positive social identities
· Each child will express comfort and joy with human diversity; accurate language for human differences, and deep, caring human connections
·Every child increasingly recognize unfairness, have language to describe unfairness, and understand that unfairness hurts
·Each child will learn to demonstrate empowerment and the skills to act, with others or alone, against prejudice and/or discriminatory actions.

We believe that the achievement of these goals will provide children with the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for effective living in an increasingly complex and diverse society. Anti-bias work is challenging and requires a commitment from staff and parents to examine and confront the biases in ourselves.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children raises the standards of early childhood education by accrediting organizations that have made great efforts and gone to great lengths to ensure that their programs, curriculum, and teachers are of the highest quality. PMCCP is proud to be one of only 80 organizations in Washington that has received NAEYC accreditation. For more information on NAEYC and the requirements for becoming an accredited organization, please visit their website.


The 2012 Walk for Kids was so much fun! Thanks to all of our wonderful walkers who came out to make this event such a great success!


Each year the Rainbow Birds flock to Westlake Center to celebrate the official beginning of spring by handing out daffodils alongside the Pike Market community. Together, we gave away 12,000 daffodils! See the Seattle Times story here.
King 5 was on the scene and took some photographs as well.
See their gallery of the event here.
Winter-Spring 2012 NewsletterPike Market Child Care and Preschool marked the completion of a newly renovated location in the market with a wonderful Grand Opening celebration on Sunday, January 29th.

Photo credit: Andy Rogers/PI